Defeat Rep. Tom Malinowski (NJ-07)

Representative Tom Malinowski (D) NJ-07 is a prime example of the type of candidate who should be fiercely opposed in his re-election bid.

As you may know, the 7th district of New Jersey is considered to be a swing district politically, meaning a significant amount of voters there consider themselves to be moderate.

So why, then, does Rep. Malinowski’s voting record look the way it does?

In his time in office, he has voted 100% the same way as speaker Nancy Pelosi, and even 95% of with radical Rep. Alexandira Ocasio Cortez?

It would see Malinowski did not run for Congress with the intention of representing his constituents, but rather to carry out a much larger agenda for those already in power.

Please join Clean Up Congress PAC in opposing the re-election of Tom Malinowski in 2020.


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