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About Clean Up Congress

In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, the Clean Up Congress movement captured the hearts and minds of concerned citizens across the nation.

Their mission was simple:
Replace incumbents with new Congressmen and Senators promising to listen to their constituents.

Today, the movement to clean up Congress, or “drain the swamp”, is sweeping the nation once again. And equally as important to removing corrupt politicians from Washington is the need to replace them with candidates who will always stand for what is right, not caving to the pressures of beltway lobbyists.

Clean Up Congress unites the efforts of the grassroots to target the most out-of-touch members in Congress, delivering just the right message to voters at exactly the right time in the politician’s own home state.

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Defend our American Values. Demand a Higher Standard. Decide Who Represents Us.

Our Mission

Our mission is to clean up congress by bringing the truth to light, demanding more of our representatives, providing well-researched information for constituents concerning our politicians, and voicing our rights and values. It’s time for the men and women in congress be held accountable.

We want to identify and support representatives who will actually do what they say they will and stick to their convictions.

We don’t need more leaches filling the swamp and sucking resources. We need people in congress who will responsibly allocate our tax-payer money and fiercely defend our rights.

How Can You Help

By donating to the Clean Up Congress PAC, you’re providing resources to fund campaigns that will bring the truth to light, better inform voters, help clear out incompetent representatives, and, ultimately, protect our rights and the American way of life.

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Unlike Government, we can't print money or collect taxes to fund our work. Our work is solely dependent on supporters who share our commitment to freedom. Please donate today.